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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Dormancy...and Post-Dormancy


One may regard everything prior to this post as an experiment and a warm-up for all that is to follow. I learned how to use the platform, and discovered that I had little to say. Other than providing a central point for links to the things I've published, this site has lain dormant and without a clear purpose.

Being a writer, it seems having a blog is a necessity, but I never quite found the groove. Writing is hard enough as it is, and having to write a blog on top of it - especially a self-reflexive blog about writing - just adds to the snarl. So I worked on other stuff and this blog languished.

But all that changed some short months ago when I had the great good fortune to have a novel picked up by Lanternfish Press, a wonderful small publisher in Philadelphia. You should check them out - their books are beautiful and strange. My novel, working title One Bronze Knuckle, is tentatively scheduled for spring 2019.

 So here I am, reanimating the withered corpse of my blog, because I finally have something to talk about! Imagine that!


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