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Sunday, May 22, 2016

To Microsoft Compliance and Ethics
I am dismayed today to find that Windows 10 has decided to install itself on my computer.  No doubt I have fallen victim to Microsoft's tactic of configuring the [x] on the Wondows 10 promotional pop-up to function as an affirmative selection rather than a simple close command.  This is a tactic I expect from penile enhancement products and Russian girls hot for western men, not from a highly respected and well established global corporation.  I can hardly have missed the media blitz or the persistent pop-ups that distract me from my work; does Microsoft not think that, should I have chosen to switch to Windows 10, I would have done so when I was damn good and ready?  Has Microsoft such a low opinion of my decision making abilities?
Further, upon completion of this action (dubiously termed an "upgrade"), I find that Office now believed I have exceeded the number of allowable downloads, although I am accessing the program from the very computer (the very one!) from which the program was originally purchased.  For Microsoft, whether through intent or oversight, to block my access to a legitimately purchased product by way of imposing upon me an unwanted product indicates a sketchy regard for its customers at the very best.  At worst, it betrays Microsoft's view of its customers as mere nodes in its global super-mind, with which It may do as It pleases.
Surely, you are aware that Microsoft faces real and growing competition from a wide array of providers whose products provide all the desired functionality without putting their hands up their users' skirts.  How, I ask you, is behavior such as that described above intended to retain my interest in remaining a customer of your products?
Hoping you are well,
Loyal Node

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