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Monday, September 9, 2013

I'm waiting patiently for Red Raiders to pass review at Smashwords, at which point they will begin distributing it to other retailers, and at which point I will unleash the full furor of my marketing powers. 

Actually, what you see here is about the extent of my marketing power...we shall see...

In the meantime, as is my wont, I am juggling a bunch of ideas trying to decide what project to work on next.  I tend to have many things cooking, but focus on just a couple at a time.  The next self-publishing venture will be The Armoire Pirate, a middle-grade chapter book about middle-grad kids and pirates.  It's currently with an illustrator, and when it comes back, BANG!  On to Smashwords it goes!

But as far as writing goes, I want to focus on one thing for kids and one for adults over the winter.  I've outlined a sequel to Red Raiders, and would like to have that done by next summer.  For grownups, I'm not sure...  I just finished a short story and am working on submitting it to literary quarterlies.  I can't share it here, because any on-line exposure invalidates the 'unpublished' criterion.  But if you're interested in that side of my writing, I recently published a story in The Bitter Oleander (Vol. 18, #1).  You can check out the magazine here > www.bitteroleander.com  I don't think you can see my story from their site, but I'll try to figure out a way to get it posted somewhere.

Stand by...

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