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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Good for Art

Human governments rule by the consent of the governed.  Someone smart said that.  You can probably look it up. 

It's true.  Successful governments retain that consent by keeping the governed content enough not to revolt.  They do this with by supplying combination of material comfort and security, and stoking fear of the loss of that comfort.  The United States of America is no different and never has been.  How could it be?  That is the basic energy structure of all human society.  We require a hierarchical power structure, and we require the Other.  I won't argue those points.  Think about them and decide for yourself. 

Societies function well when there is little ambiguity about these things.  They function poorly when distinctions become vague, when different levels of the hierarchy perceive each other as the Other, when those in power pit the governed against one another.  Anarchy is a natural result of this ambiguity, and authoritarianism is a natural societal response to anarchy.

Authoritarianism is good for art.

Go Trump.